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why work with a broker?

  • Independent licensed brokers work for you, not insurance companies.
  • Independent licensed brokers choose the insurance carriers that they work with.
  • To be licensed, brokers must pass state and federal regulation testing and continuing education requirements.
  • To remain appointed and paid by their chosen insurance carriers, they must also maintain education and standards according to their contracts.
  • Local brokers can provide information, from other clients, colleagues, and the insurance companies, about the products available in your area and how effective they are.
  • Local brokers will also have information about how the local insurance system works with your local doctors and medical facilities.
  • Independent brokers can explain, to you and your employees, how your chosen employee benefits work and how the benefits are helpful.
  • Brokers cannot approve or deny claims, or promise that something will be covered.  However, as part of their local service, brokers can help you understand your explanations of benefits and claims, and help you troubleshoot any disputes or appeals.
  • Brokers help small business owners design and implement employee benefit plans (packages of health, dental, vision, life, and other insurances) in order to recruit and retain the best qualified employees for their business.
  • Brokers assist small business owners meet regulatory requirements and responsibilities pertaining to employee benefit plans.
  • Brokers maintain privacy by confidentially answering employee questions and concerns, protecting an employer from possible liability.
  • Broker services are included in your premiums - it does not cost extra to work with an independent broker.